Felipe Andres Cañete Martinez

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January 29, 1976- May 17, 2013

Felipe’s spirit now flies with the falcons. A Chilean actor, musician, poet, teacher, joker, father and loyal friend to so, so many… we miss you, Felipe!

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Luckily, Felipe was a soul who taught us all to live so fully that there could be no possible regrets when it’s time to go. Felipe passed away suddenly on his way home from work from heart failure at the age of 37, leaving a wife and a 1 year old son and countless family and friends. We know Felipe has not left us for his laughter carries on and on. He was a bringer of joy, a teacher of the mysteries of life, someone who fully embraced the moment, someone who made you laugh at the absurdity of taking oneself too seriously. Felipe lived many lives in his 37 years. We all have taken some part of Felipe and made it our own, as he would hope you do.


Laugh till life looks funny. Give someone a good harmless scare. Dress like people can’t tell if you’re a fashion disaster or a fashion genius (an actual debate- we say genius). Speak in prose so people don’t know if you’re being serious or just weird. Throw your head back and laugh with your entire face so people can’t help but join in. Walk with your head proud and confident, even when you don’t feel it yet.  Love animals like they are your teachers. Give huge hugs and make people really feel your love. Walk the path of your dreams without any doubt that it’s just what IS going to happen. Be weird, different, goofy, awesomely yourself. Fly ahead like a falcon and never look back.

This website is meant to hold space for all of Felipe’s awesomeness in one place, impossible but just a try. Please contribute your comments and thoughts. We love and appreciate all of our community who holds us up and helps us to celebrate this amazing Felipe Cañete. Grande Felipe!!


5 thoughts on “Felipe Andres Cañete Martinez

  1. Te adoro cuñis! Ojalá no te hubieras ido tan lejos… Te extrañaremos… Pero siempre estarás aquí, en cada conversación, almuerzo, cena, carrete, etc. Nos vemos pronto y guardanos un lugar!

  2. Gran banda que recién conozco y ya le tome cariño a este hombre desde que lo oí cantar. Lo lamento mucho por su partida, y desde Chile la mejor de las energías!

  3. Felipe has the biggest heart of any human I have ever known! He was fearless! I love his smile, laughter, which was very infectious, his love of family,friends and of course his genius fashion sense! He was a true artist of life! He took an old guy into his life at a moments notice and made him feel welcomed,loved and appreciated. He opened his heart ,his home,friends and family to me and I will NEVER forget his love and compassion! I will always feel a hole of loss, but a knowing that Felipe is loving us even more now. He is the best example of a loving human with a heart center that we can all only hope to strive to be like! My time in Seattle with y’all was TRULY one of my greatest, healing, love,experiences in a life full of them! Love you,miss you deeply. Peace,love,happiness,magic,yours always.Rick.😎

  4. Mi amigo querido!!! te conocí a los 12 años…siempre fuiste muy alegre, divertido y bailarín. Seguro que donde estás, también estás feliz.Cuando escuché tu CD con música infantil y es español…fue una gran emoción!!!! No pude seguir haciendo la clase. Por siempre en mi corazón 🙂

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